True Hosts CC Starting on RealmScape's Release

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True Hosts CC Starting on RealmScape's Release

Post by True Hosts on Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:29 pm

I True Hosts, own the Flower Poker Clan Chat "True Hosts"

The following legit hosts in my Clan are as follows

True Hosts "me"
Exo Skeletal
Say Ohh

If you are interested in becoming a host you need atleast :

500M Bank
1k Mith Seeds
Know the rules of Hot/Cold and Flower Poker
Pay a 1B Host entry fee.

Also every bet you win over 2b, the owner gets a 20% Royalty.

If you scam anyone as a host, you will be removed. No refunds.

More information message me.
True Hosts
True Hosts
Flower CC Owner/Host

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