Rules for in-game.

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Rules for in-game. Empty Rules for in-game.

Post by cmaulpureftw on Wed Jul 10, 2013 4:53 pm

1. Do not Ask Staff for any stuff (including ranks). {mute}
2. No Rules in Pking, (GBs fights are your own risk).
3. Do not use offensive language. (mild flaming is aloud)
4. Do not scam Passwords or Items. {IP Ban}
5. Auto clickers are NOT allowed, Auto typer's are if there set to 5+ seconds.
6. If you want to buy and sell items, teleport to varrock(use [s] items etc, [B] items etc..
7. Do Not Disrespect staff. [24 hour mute]
8. Any racism will be a mute. [24hr\48hr\perm]
9. If you ban\mute evade will result in your punishment doubled.
10. Not all Rules are posted on here, there are common sense things as well, so use your common sense.
11. Any type of bomb client/hack client/ anything that effects the hits when your Pking/your status or anything else is Not allowed. will result in a Perm Ban.
TYPE  ::RULES  in-game aswell


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